Q.: Is Skriva free to use? Are there any monthly/annually account costs?

A.: Skriva is 100% free to use.

Q.: How many accounts can I register and operate at once?

A.: As many as you like.

Q.: I have a problem/suggestion.

A.: Feel free to open a ticket on GitHub or write a message to support@skriva.me over Skriva.

Q.: I do not believe your transparency promise.

A.: Skriva's maxim is to question things. Therefore, feel free to question us! Just drop a message to support@skriva.me over Skriva and we will get back to you.

Q.: How do we know about server sided security? Are there any configs shared?

A.: Yes, we've uploaded our Prosody config to GitHub giving you an idea, which modules are enabled and how the server itself is configured.

Q.: I want to help. What can I do?

A.: You can create pull requests on our GitHub repo fixing issues or introducing new features. Furthermore, you can donate to help covering our running costs.

Q.: I want to file an abuse claim.

A.: This is indeed a difficult task. Due to the encryption we are unable to see any messages nor see who is connecting to our servers. However, in extreme cases we will permanently ban the specific users from Skriva.

Q.: Whats your goal with this project?

A.: Would you share your bed with a stranger? No. So you wouldn't your messages. There is nothing more valuable than your right of free speech. No matter, what it is. We will do everything possible to protect it. Skriva is an absolutely neutral platform and so its treating its users. Unlike governments or profit driven competitors we do not benefit doing elsewise. We simply want to bring back true privacy in times of Big Data, AI and social scoring.

Q.: Can I use my own XMPP server to communicate with users on Skriva?

A.: Due to enforced OMEMO encryption and security reasons S2S support has been disabled. However, we might re-enable this later on.