While 1.0.1 was more of a maintenance update, 1.0.2 fixed a major bug and introduced a heavily requested feature.



  • Fixed broken private messaging in public MUCs (#fa705db)
  • Fixed wrong path of notification classes required for PCR release (#fefb2c3)
  • Fixed comment layout (#3653a5c)


  • Changed OMEMO prefix to comply with XEP-0384 (allow usage of other clients) (#97987d6)


  • Messages statuses display now a rounded avatar (#0dd09cf)
  • Removed adaptive launcher icon (#0afb776)
  • Updated registration screen (#73d379a)


  • Changed build flavour on Play Store to PCR


  • GIFs can be finally played inside of the app (#917b3c4)
  • Prevent notification spam (might need further adjustment) (#917b3c4)


  • Performance improvements (#515fa2e)
  • Deleted Android Auto XMLs (#b9230b9)
  • Updated Signal library to 2.7.1  (#b9230b9)

For 1.0.3 we have no clear goal yet. We are considering to redesign certain elements like the sent indicator or contact details. Furthermore we are looking to finally open images internally in the app, instead of opening them externally in the Gallery app.

Especially the later change is likely to add up to the usability of the app.

We will keep you updated!