1.0.3 is here, finally introducing images to be viewed internally. This has been by far one of the most heavily requested features. Therefore, we are happy to roll out this update to you.



  • Fixed rare NPE #9e52fb3
  • Fixed volume controll issues on Android 9 #ef8016e
  • Fixed layout bug for images #9e52fb3
  • URI forward with no accounts #9e52fb3


  • Images inside of conversations are now opened inside of an internal image viewer #9e52fb3


  • Hide account selection spinner, if you have only one account #9e52fb3
  • Code cleanups #9e52fb3

The update is on its way to the Play Store and will be enrolled immediately.

For 1.0.4 we are targeting mainly maintenance updates. Its planned to clean up code, rework the contact details and indicators (this was actually planned for 1.0.3, but we didn't want to let you wait).