Welcome to 1.0.4!

This update is by far the most important update in terms of code quality and performance. With this update compile time has been heavily reduced. Furthermore, the source code now has been migrated to AndroidX.



  • Fixed notification issues (#e4ab371)


  • Migrated to AndroidX (#8d76b87 & #17e3d8e)
  • Cleaned up source code (#0bf8f05 & #b0707d1 & #9b4c4f2 & #06fab17)


  • Status tags are now shown by default (#e4ab371)
  • Updated indicators (#0bf8f05)
  • Improved GIF play/pause button (#0bf8f05)
  • High quality avatars (#8e0694d & #4f9488c)
  • Reimplemented notification spam preventer (Thanks to melvo!) (#4f9488c)
  • Improved resolving (#06fab17)
  • Prevent status bar flickering when watching a fullscreen image (#5cb978e)
  • Removed message bubbles (#e8c67b7)

For our next release we plan to add an AMOLED theme. However, we will have to see about the rest. If you have a feature, which you would like to see implemented or you think could be improved, feel free to open a ticket on our GitHub repo.