You might wonder about the .1.

Well, 1.0.5 was actually released at the 27th of June. However, back then I had a hard time being busy with real life and university.

Unfortunately I made mistakes while copying over iNPUTmice's commits to our repo. Due to this some people ran into issues compiling the source code, which I fixed today.

I reached an all time low by accidentally disabling MUC uploads. Nonetheless, now we are back on track.



  • Fixed missalignment of avatars on tablets (#7a661ff)


  • Inherited latest Conversations commits (#81320cc & #18cdef0 & #3ebda07 & #424e109 & #98c567a & #d3b4384 & #8b4d132 & #096206e & #48e930f)
  • Update dependencies (#e7b299e)


  • Proper adaptive icons (#096206e)