Here we go. This is our first post on our blog.

To introduce myself I am Rey Koxha and 21 years old. Currently I am studying Medical Computer Science in Gießen. The idea for Skriva came into my mind during a lecture about data security and privacy.

Our professor was speaking about instant messengers like WhatsApp and what alternatives one could use. At the same time he also came up with the idea of a platform for doctors to share patient data in a secure way.

However, most messengers do not disclose their clients or server configuration.

Back then I knew about Conversations, which has been introduced to me by a friend. Therefore, I started to deal with XMPP realizing it allows truely open and secure communication.

Since most messages are written on mobile devices and I am an Android user myself, I started to fork Conversations and build Skriva out of it. The first step was to remove all protocols, except OMEMO.

Later on I started to redesign a few UI components and add new features to it making it more comfortable for the "mainstream" leading to Skriva 1.0.